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original poster 9 days ago. i really doubt their stock trading is legitimate. i’m not even convinced it works—i haven’t seen a single mention of people using the app to trade stocks. and yea, nobody is . AnchorUSD Support Nonexistent : Dogecoin

Depositied $10k USD on AnchorUSD to buy XLM for StellarX (AnchorUSD uses Changelly to buy/sell Stellar XLM)fees were stated as 0.5%but I was charged $150 on my $10k transaction = 1.5% fee! Triple (3x) what was the stated fee - RIDICULOUS!

Those links can be pictures, articles, or videos (really anythi For those wondering whether Reddit was, as those in the know like to say, "all that" when it comes to Internet traffic, a new dump of site stats reveals the answer. In short: Yes. Yes, it really is.

¹ Interest rates shown on the AnchorUSD website, in other marketing materials, or within the AnchorUSD app may change at any time. ²The average national savings account interest rate of 0.05% is determined by FDIC as of September 1st, 2020 based on a simple average of rates.

24 h High. 0.433500. 24 h Low. 0.405960. 24 h Vol. 124,167,035. Trades .

24 h Vol. 122,209,407. Trades . Chat Stats News.. ⭐ ⚡ ☺ TRADE on FTX 5% Fee … Reddit; LinkedIn; Twitter; Facebook; Instagram; About ; Search for: Main Menu.

Anchorusd reddit

The GiveDirect team is focused on reducing human suffering in Ghana, while operating … 07/09/2020 Anchorusd reddit. Anchor associates. Anchorusd new york. Anchor asset management. Anchorusd 8%. Anchorusd pc.

You're here on the Internet. You've heard of Reddit. But if somehow you've yet to _experience_ Reddit, perhaps it's time. What Reddit _is_ to any one person mi What is Reddit? In this guide, we will walk you through the terminology, perks, and how to navigate the various communities of the popular social media site. If you spend a lot of time online, chances are you’ve heard of Reddit.

Anchorusd reddit

For an obligatory horror story and fair warning of the perks and perils of margin trading, see the Reddit post “How I Lost Nearly 200 BTC trading this past month.”   Buy Digital Currency: (Coinbase , Uphold or AnchorUSD). Choose the coin type you wish to donate: Bitcoin (BTC) Ethereum (ETH) Litecoin (LTC) Stellar (XLM) 27 Jul 2020 @Woori sorry I don 't have much experience with AnchorUSD (nor have I  27 Jan 2021 Yes. AnchorUSD – Earn 5% on Bitcoin is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 329 User  6 May 2020 AnchorUSD. MANNA Robotics Bleexy Tagomi Transparent Path SPC Translo Trust Assurance Network Infinichains LISA Insurtech Propellr 23 Feb 2021 But Reddit was almost certainly the main driver in Dogecoin's rapid rise to crypto stardom. The Dogecoin subreddit exploded almost immediately,  29 Jan 2021 Some of the Reddit day-trading crowd's favorite companies are capitalizing on their newfound popularity by selling shares to raise fresh capital.

… AnchorUSD leveraged Tether after it began to build on Stellar. Having assured potential investors of regular audits, many believe that the security of their funds is better guaranteed. Prequel to AnchorUSD was the White standard (WSD) which was also launched on the Stellar Network. In August, the White Company in collaboration with Fintech Ltd announced a partnership bringing USD, GBP and Euro fiat … ReddIt. Tumblr. Telegram.

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1 day ago · Finding the right way to buy Dogecoin and moving it to a personal wallet is essential to achieve optimal security and peace of mind.

I am floundering over here in NY trying to find a legitimate wallet. Willing to sell for a small loss on Robinhood and buy on Anchor if I have to. Please advise! Thank yoU!


Until AnchorUSD focuses on the details, they’ll just continue to lag behind some of the other platforms like Voyager & Gemini. The more in-depth information AnchorUSD provides for the user, the more successful they’ll be. That potential is certainly there. Overview For AnchorUSD - Reddit In the meantime, our direct email address [ [email protected]] (mailto: [email protected]) is the most reliable method to contact us, especially for important matters regarding your anchorusd account. Anchor consists of a two-token model composed of Anchor Tokens (ANCT), that serve as the main currency/payment tokens; and Dock Tokens (DOCT), the utility tokens that stabilize the currency ensuring ANCT remains pegged to the MMU, regardless of external market fluctuations. Both cash and margin accounts let you buy and sell investments, but margin accounts come with special features for advanced investors.

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